Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Allergy Asthma

Of all the diseases related to the respiratory system, asthma allergy is the most prevalent. This condition is usually visible in children and young adults, but the process may progress throughout their lives. Asthma allergy is a lung disease characterized by difficulty in breathing, wheezing, coughing, and the increase in production of mucus during an attack. The symptoms may bring simple discomfort or they may eventually lead to death, depending on the number allergens that affect the patient, causing blockages in the airways.

Cause of Asthma Allergies

The cause of asthma allergy is similar to the causes of an allergic reaction in a person. Allergens include dust, chemicals, scents, odors and changes in temperature. The actual reactions vary from patient to patient. In some cases of asthma allergy, symptoms are triggered by exercise or the emotional state of a person. These symptoms are quite unique.

Smoke is the most recognized cause of allergy asthma, especially for children. Statistics show that a ratio of eight out of 10 children are at risk of developing asthmatic conditions when exposed to smoke. It is believed that as the city becomes more industrialized, people may develop symptoms that are similar to asthma.

Risk Factors

Asthma allergy is not distinct to certain types of people. Anyone of any age, race, weight, height or gender is at risk of acquiring the disease. People who are involved in industries that deal with heavy emissions are at a higher risk of developing asthma.

It is also believed that asthma allergy is a hereditary disorder. A person who has a history of asthma allergy in the family is also at risk.


Treatment starts with managing asthma attacks. To do this, a person needs to stay away from allergens that trigger asthma allergy. There are also medicines that can be prescribed by a physician to alleviate some symptoms.

By Jason Gluckman

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