Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Alternative Asthma Management

If you suffer from asthma, many people will offer advice beyond that of your doctor' s advice on ways to treat your asthma. It might not be a good idea to accept every piece of advice given, because the advice might not work, leading to you experiencing an asthma attack. Some people even turn to alternative asthma as a way to help them decrease their asthma attacks. These alternative medications and practices are used in conjunction with the regular medication prescribed by your doctor. Even though these alternative asthma medication and practices are available, they should be approached with caution.

When trying new alternative ways to treat your asthma, it is suggested that you properly look into what reviews there might be about the product. If you are not looking for alternative medication, consider using an alternative practice to treat your asthma. Alternative practices for asthma include unorthodox treatments such as chiropody or acupuncture. Some people have found that regular chiropractic appointments have been one of the ways to help reduce their reduce the number of asthma attacks that have been occurring. You can venture online to see reviews and opinions from other people who have been helped by chiropractic treatments.

Another alternative practice for asthma involves the use of acupuncture. According to those who have used it, acupuncture was able to reduce the number of asthmatic attacks. This has not been fully approved by the local medical body in any city for treatment of asthma. So it is important to mainly continue with doctor prescribed medication, and add on other alternatives along with it.

By C Dietzig

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