Monday, September 15, 2008

Signs of a Mini Stroke - Do Not Ignore These Symptoms

If you are having a TIA or transient ischemic attack, the following symptoms may be noticed. You may not experience every symptom or you may experience others as well.

These are some good guidelines to go by:

Double vision - Similar to a double exposure on camera film or you may see "trails" from movement

Dizziness - The room or everything around you starts to spin. You may feel nauseous.

Sudden severe headache

Weakness- Suddenly you are unable to lift or maybe even move.

Speech Problems - You might think you are talking but nothing is coming out or you may not be coherent.

Confusion - Everything may seem out of kilter. Time and space becomes a jumble. Nothing being said to you makes any sense

Sudden forgetfulness- Everybody does this sometimes, but if you forget what you are doing and are surprised about your current location/activity/surroundings, this could be a sign of a TIA.

The symptoms of a mini stroke only last for a few minutes. If it continues or the symptoms are more severe, you may be having a massive stroke. Sometimes a mini stroke can result in unconsciousness but a massive stroke almost always does. If you have been told you are at risk for stroke, be sure your loved ones know the signs to look for as you may not be able to tell them even if you remain awake. In fact, it is more dangerous if you are awake and unable to tell anyone. Unconsciousness is usually obvious to those around you whereas silence or dizziness may not be.

Whether you experience a mini stroke or a massive one, it is imperative that you get to a hospital immediately. A mini stroke can lead to a massive stroke if you are not treated promptly.

By Gerd Cornelius Pacher

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