Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Asthma And Its Treatment

Asthma is a condition of the lungs where mucus blocs the passage ways of the lungs (bronchioles), and you would find it hard to breath. Asthma is extremely troublesome, uncomfortable condition. Asthma attacks could be less frequent initially. Frequency of the attacks could increase with time.

There are various causes for asthma. It could be allergic reaction triggered by dust, strong smells like perfumes or weather conditions. Asthma could be due to hereditary factors. Smoking tobacco is one of the major reasons asthma. Animal hair, animal excretions, pollen could also be major causes.

Asthma, it is said cannot be cured. But I have seen several cases of prolonged asthma being completely cured. As in case of any chronic disease you have to cope up with asthma on a daily basis.

With proper medication asthma can be brought under control. The frequency of the attacks can be reduced. The most important medicine used in controlling asthma are bronchodilators like salbutamol and terbutaline. They provide immediate relief by dilating the bronchioles and making breathing easier.

Bronchodilators are available both in the form of tablets as well as inhalers. They can also injected intravenously. They provide immediate relief. And also in case of severe attacks steroids such as prednisolone are used. Long use of steroid may have side effects.

Inhalers deliver the drugs directly to the lungs. Not only the relief is immediate, the quantity of the drug would be far less than taking it in the form of a tablet.

Certain steroids are used to prevent the occurrence of asthma. They reduce the inflammation of the lungs.

Nebulisers are also used in the treatment of asthma. Nebulisers use a combination of a drug and steam to deliver the drug to the lungs. They are more efficient than inhalers.

There are several alternative therapies for asthma. One important cure for asthma is pranayama. They are a series of breathing exercises. I have seen several cases of asthma being cured by practicing pranayama regularly.

If asthma is treated early it can be kept under check by a combination of drugs and exercises.

By B.N. Sridhar

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