Saturday, November 22, 2008

Obesity - A Review

Obesity is a health issue. Obese people are increasing their susceptibility and risks to a number of diseases directly related to obesity. Obesity causes diabetes, heart diseases, colon cancer, high blood pressure. And the obesity itself can be caused by fast food, motionless lifestyle and hormonal problems.

The number of people that suffer from obesity increasing too fast. Obesity has become a global problem it the US. Each year the number of obese people grows in geometric sequence. Inactivity of life and eating disorder are the main causes of obesity. Obesity can be treated different ways: diets, exercises, pills and surgery.

People hate diets and exercises. That is why modern doctors and herbalists developed naturally based pills that help obese people to lose weight fast.

Surgery has also become very popular among americans for the last five years but surgery is very dangerous and expensive weight loss method. It gives you temporary results and causes other disorders in your body. Surgical weight loss is just an exhaustion of fat. As year or two pass you will gain your body weight at the same level. The money spent on surgery is wasted money. Plus there will be a rehabilitation period. And this means wasted time and harm to your general health.

By Artem Skorik

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