Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Diabetes - Type 1

There are two types of diabetes: the type 1 diabetes and the type 2 diabetes. The first type of diabetes is less common than the first. The diabetes type 1 affects people who are younger, some in their teenage years. This happens because this diabetes type is mainly associated with the lack of insulin in ones body. The first signs of diabetes can be very mild or on the contrary very abrupt. It all depends on the person that suffers from diabetes.

The cause of type 1 diabetes is the islet cells of the pancreas. When your body starts to see one of your tissues as foreign, that is when this type of diabetes happens. This is a mistake of the immune system. In the case of diabetes, type 1, the cells that are seen as the enemy are the ones that produce insulin, the islet cells. The body then starts to fight against them, reducing their ability of producing insulin, thus leading to diabetes. The main cause for this
disorder that leads to diabetes is genetics. It can also be a result of a viral infection, measles, rubella, polio that can be the cause of diabetes. Some of the people may also have a genetical tendency to develop diabetes. For example, two people are infected with the same virus, but only one of them develops diabetes. This is because that person is more prone to diabetes than the other. There are some other causes for this type of diabetes, but they are very rare. One of the diabetes causes may be
an injury to the pancreas.

The best treatment for this diabetes type 1 is with shots of insulin. When you have diabetes, the insulin is injected under your skin, in the fat. This way it is absorbed into the blood and taken to all the cells of the body that need it. This diabetes treatment can not be taken in the from of a pill, because the juices found in our stomach would destroy it even before it would have a chance to work. At the moment there are no other methods for this diabetes treatment besides shots. Scientist are still working to find new ways of giving insulin to patients who have diabetes. Insulin pumps for diabetes are being tested at the moment, but there is nothing certain yet. Using insulin is the only diabetes treatment used in our days.

By Groshan Fabiola

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