Sunday, October 5, 2008

Causes of AIDS

It is a common fad among people that they can contract AIDS by any of the ways they are aware of, but the fact is that one can never get affected by AIDS directly. Usually, it is the HIV virus that reduces and kills the body immune system, and it is a gradual process through which one can acquire AIDS.
This disease is not caused due to any deficiency in the body like other diseases. It can only be 'contracted' through external agents. Usually, it is contracted if there is direct contact of body fluid with the affected person. The body fluid can include blood or sex fluid. Tears and saliva exchange might not be as harmful.

The causes for HIV and hence AIDS are:

1. Having intercourse with an infected person.

2. Sharing needle with someone who is infected.

3. From an HIV infected mother to child.

4. Breast feed by an HIV infected lady.

5. Blood transfusion from an HIV infected person.

6. Any way if the blood from an HIV infected person enters the body (example kissing an HIV/AIDS infected person who's gums bleed).

However, AIDS or HIV is not spread by tears and saliva, though oral sex might lead to it. There are certain cases where oral sex might or might not lead to it, but still precaution is always better than cure, especially when there is no cure!

Medical experts claim that without any medication and HIV positive person (with a healthy balanced diet) might take up to ten years to get AIDS.

By Tarang Bhargava

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