Saturday, November 29, 2008

Common Myths about AIDS

I cannot have AIDS. I'm safe. You might think that, okay, but you can never be sure of the slightest contact or accident where you might have got in contact with an HIV or AIDS infected person's body fluid. Get yourself checked and then claim it!

Ø I have nothing to do with HIV and AIDS infected. This is as good as saying I have nothing to do with the society. It is our social responsibility to make them feel and home. Until we all understand and accept this, these people will live a sad, disappointed and lonesome life!

Ø It's no good attending AIDS seminar. This again, is as good as not going to school or college! You might not even know when this deadly disease captures you, and it has no cure! Prevention is better than cure, especially when there is no cure.

Ø Older people are safe. Does cold catch you after asking your age? Same is the case with AIDS. Age has nothing to do with it, habits have! Watch your actions and ways! Be aware and careful.

Ø People with AIDS die. They die a gradual death. Their body does not have any immune system, so even a cough can be ghastly.

Ø HIV and AIDS are the same. They are similar and consequential, but not same. HIV is a virus that attacks human's immune system, but it may take a person as long as ten years to go from HIV positive to AIDS infected.

Ø I will get HIV if I share a room with an HIV infected. Not necessarily, though there are chances that you may. HIV is transmitted only through exchange of body fluid, so if that is avoided, then you will not contract HIV.

Ø If I and my partner both have HIV I don't need to bother about safe sex and condoms. As a matter of fact, it's quite the contrary. If you both are HIV positive then you need to be very very safe so that you don't get a more aggressive HIV stain from the other.

Ø Oral sex is safe. No. Oral sex, involves a slight amount of body fluid exchange, though the chances and the amount might b very less. Oral sex is less risky, but it is not safe!

Ø Lesbians and Gays are safe from AIDS and HIV. No. It is as safe as 'normal' sex.

By Tarang Bhargava

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