Wednesday, November 26, 2008

An Overview Of Foot Arthritis

Foot arthritis is most commonly an occurrence of osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is arthritis of the bone. It is due to common wear and tear which results in inflammation, swelling and pain. Many times foot arthritis is caused by injury to the foot. Foot arthritis can lead to problems walking once it gets to bad.

Foot arthritis can occur in any of the bones within the foot. It often affects certain bones. The ankle is very susceptible to injury and therefore a common spot for arthritis. The three bones in the heel of the foot are also commonly affected by arthritis. The middle area of the foot where the bones and the toes and the rear bones in the foot connect is another hot spot. Finally, the toes are often a spot for arthritis to settle in.

Symptoms of foot arthritis are often hard to ignore. They can include pain when moving the foot or putting weight on the foot. The foot may also feel stiff or show signs of swelling.

A doctor will often diagnose foot arthritis through asking questions and through a gait analysis. The doctor may ask about when the pain started, if you have ever injured your foot, where the pain is located and what type of shoes you normally wear. The gait analysis is simply an observance of how you walk. It may also include x-rays or a bone scan.

Foot arthritis is treated depending on the severity. Common treatment includes taking medications for pain and swelling, using shoe inserts or wearing a brace. You may also have to use a cane to help you walk. Therapy may also be a treatment used. With sever arthritis surgery is often recommended.

Surgical options include removing bone and tissue to help alleviate the pain. There are many methods including arthroscopic surgery and also replacement surgery if the arthritis is in a joint. Surgery, though, is often the last resort ot other treatment options.

Foot arthritis can be quite debilitating. Sometimes there is no way to cure the arthritis. You may only be able to control the swelling and pain. However, many people suffer from arthritis and they can usually go on living a normal life.

By Joseph Then

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